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  Shared Hosting

All our shared hosting services are hosted on our Load Balanced server farms which provides redundancyperformance and reliability.  In our shared hosting environment, your website will be served by multiple servers compiled in a server cluster or farm.

In addition, our shared hosting packages allow you to create unlimited sub-domains.  You can then develop secondary sites such as which can host separate web content from your site.  You can even host multiple domains and create sub sites.  You can actually host separate websites, and separate domains all under one account! 


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  PHP 5   Host Multiple Domains / Additional Domains
  Perl 5   SSI (Server Side Includes)
  Cold Fusion MX 7   Ability to create multiple sites

  MySQL Database

  Free ODBC DSN Connection to MySQL DB for Cold Fusion
  Unlimited FTP Access   Email Antivirus Protection  
  Free Domain Hosting   WebMail Access for Email  
  Web Traffic Reports   POP3 / IMAP Support For Email  
  CGI-BIN   Access Email from SmartPhones  

Packages Support the following Web Applications



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