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Have you ever gone through the hassle of switching cell phone providers, and not being able to keep your same number?  With the growing communication via email, now offers a solution to that problem with Email.

Welcome to Everlasting Mail ! We provide you with a single email address for a minimal annual fee.  No need for a domain name.  Your email address is completely independent of your ISPs, so if you change internet providers, this email address remains as your dedicated contact.

This is very ideal to be used as the email address on your resume, or as a primary email address contact for your domain name, or for other important contact points.

Best of all, you can access your email address from anywhere in the world.  All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. 




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  About Everlasting Mail

Everlasting Mail is a new product offered by  The purpose of Everlasting Mail is to provide a single email address that is independent of any other services you subscribe to.  This email address would be independent of your Internet Service Provider, Hosting provider, or your present workplace or school.

Similar to the concept of Hotmail or Yahoo email, this service allows you to have your own personal email address.  This address will remain valid for you regardless of what Internet provider you are with, or if you switch internet providers.

This service is ideal for using as a primary contact for important emails.  Its most ideal for uses such as on your resume, or if you are registering a domain name, this could be your admin email contact, or any other important contact points.  Best of all, its independent so it serves as an excellent "fail over" address to use in case your hotmail address is deleted or you change internet providers.



Q:  I already use Hotmail or Yahoo.  Why should I pay for this email address instead?
Free email services such as Hotmail or Yahoo are great for non-critical email communication.  Your Everlasting Email address however offers more value than free addresses.

There are a few good reasons to use Everlasting Mail over free email services:

1.  Free email services will delete your email address if allowed to become inactive for a period of time.  You then risk your email being deleted, as well as risk someone else obtaining your address and receiving messages intended for you.  As long as your account is maintained by your annual fee, we will not delete your email address, so you have a reliable email address as a point of contact.

2.  Free email services limit the size of emails allowed to be sent.  Most often, free email services only allow emails under 1 MB to be sent.  Our system will allow up to 5 MB emails to be sent from our system.

3.  Free email services often limit the size of your mailbox storage to a very small amount.  Our system allows you to store up to 15 MB of email.  This can mean that you can possibly store several thousand emails.

4.  Free Email accounts are often targeted by marketing groups and as a result, your email interface falls victim to banner ads, pop up ads etc.  Our system does not employ advertising on your email interface.

Q:  I already have my own domain name and hosting, so I have my own email address... why would I use Everlasting Mail?
Even when you have your own domain name and can create your own email addresses, this service can still serve you well.  As this email address is not relying on your domain name, your ISP or your work place or school, this address can live on, even if you decide not to keep your domain name.  In addition this address can serve you as an independent contact point.  There are several examples of uses:

1.  When you own your domain, the admin email address contact on your domain becomes very important.  That contact address is your key to maintaining your domain name, receiving domain renewal reminders etc.  If you have listed as the primary email contact on your domain, and you let your domain expire, you will run into great difficulty in retrieving your domain name as the email contact address will not function.   Many times, people have used a hotmail address as the admin contact on their domain, and hotmail removed the address for inactivity, and the result was that the domain owner could not manage their domain.

Using a reliable, responsible email address that is both maintained and independent ensures that you will be able to maintain your domain.  It also ensures that you can receive your domain login information if you forget it.  Domain providers can send you your password to the admin contact on the domain, so it is important that the admin email address is valid and reliable.

2.  Should you decide not to keep your domain name active, you would then have to pass around a new email address for people to reach you.  If you have an everlasting email address, you have a point of contact independent of your domain so using that as a primary personal contact allows you to stay in touch!.

Q:  Can I forward other email addresses to my Everlasting Mail Address?
Yes you can.  If your email provider permits you to forward your email address, you can forward to your everlasting mail address.

Q:  Can I forward my Everlasting Email address to another address ?
At this time we do not permit forwarding of your Everlasting Email address.  The reason for this is because it is the goal of this product to provide you a worry free contact address.  If you forward to another address (example to a hotmail address) and that address becomes invalid, your Everlasting email would be lost as well.

Q:  How does pricing work for this service?
Pricing for this service can be found by clicking on "View Packages" at the top of this screen.  Pricing is provided annually only.  There is no option for monthly billing of this service, in order to provide you value pricing.

Q:  Can I change my Everlasting Email address ?
Once your everlasting email address is created, it can not be changed.  This is to prevent lost email or your contacts losing touch with you.  If you would really like to change your Everlasting email address, you can sign up for a new address and notify us to cancel your old one before your annual renewal.

Q:  What is the Maximum size of an email I can send with this service ?
Everlasting Mail allows you to send up to 5 MB emails.  

Q:  How do I access my Email ?
In order to provide you universal access to your email, you can access your email using a web browser.  Simply visit 

Q:  Where do I go for help with Everlasting Mail ?
At this time, support is available by emailing 

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