Payment By Fax

If you are making a payment using your credit card, but do not wish to use our online form, you can submit your credit card information by fax to our offices.  If you receive invoices from by Postal Mail, then you can fill in the credit card information section at the bottom of your invoice or statement and fax it to our office.

Alternatively below are links to fax order forms that you can print out, fill in and fax to our offices:

Recurring Authorization Form

Form to authorize recurring charges to be charged to your credit card.
(where you would like your monthly or annual account billed to your credit card automatically) 

One Time Authorization Form

Form for a one time payment to your account with your credit card

Update Credit Card Form

Form to update credit card information that we presently have on file.

These forms can be faxed to our office at:  905-677-6345

Please Note we do not accept in person payments at this time.